“My name is Sheila Soldano. I’ve been a patient of Irina’s for 2 years. I’m a manufacture’s representative with a very fast life. I travel extensively and am exposed to fatigue, germs, & stress, to say the least. On top of the normal life challenges, I’ve experienced back pain for the past 30.
Irina not only treats me for my back issues (back pain+1 treatment=no pain) and the health of my internal organs (I now have daily bowel movement without pills for the first time in my life) she also advises me on a multitude of new beauty treatments/product available today.
In my 51 years of life I’ve NEVER known a health care provider who is as knowledgeable in over all heath and beauty. Irina stays current with her training and is always open to new treatments for health and beauty. She wants the best for me.”

– Thanks Irina, Sheila Soldano