“I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Dr. Zasimova for several years now and she has been my life saver literally. I had tried everything to get treatment for my hormonal issues. I always felt stressed, anxious, low energy, couldn’t sleep and just wasn’t very healthy or happy. My nature is being full of life and excited by each day and all that was slipping away until I started seeking acupuncture treatments with Irina. I was pleasantly surprised by not only her incredible knowledge of acupuncture – but as time went on I was also benefiting in ways that I hadn’t even realized. Although at first, I wondered if I was receiving any real benefit as the changes were quite subtle, but as time went on I couldn’t wait until my next appointment. My once a month appointments turned into every week appointments as I started to see real results and so did my husband, my children and my friends. I got my zest for life back and I’m back into my real life of loving it, and not just merely existing. I now go because of the wonderful health benefits and wanting to continue to maintain this great energy level so that I can keep up with my children and my beautiful 2 year old granddaughter. And I gave myself a gift of now enjoying facial rejuvenation! Immediate results was all the proof I needed. She’s been a true treasure in my life, and a gift to anyone who decides to take a chance to get their life back as well. I go now routinely, as often as I can, and also to share some time with this remarkable woman who has been compassionate and very sincere. I’m very grateful.”

– Loretta, Gig Harbor