Chinese Herbal Therapy

pic1Majority of patients who come to our office for acupuncture leave it with herbal prescription in different forms. Herbal tea is the most beneficial and differs form others because that herbal formula can be customized to the patient’s particular condition. Chinese herbal medication also may be prescribed as a patent in form of pill, tinctures, water soluble powder instead because these are more convenient. However, the herbal teas are usually stronger and always more adaptable. I have practiced in this way for few years and in that time have not seen one serious adverse reaction to any of these prescriptions. No doctors of conventional medicine who can match the same level of safety on pharmaceutical drugs. If patient has needs he (she) will be provided with herbal prescription for external applications.

pic7Chinese herbal remedies are designed to “correct the root cause, not the superficial symptoms” of human disease. They are a big part of a program of natural treatment that we provide and work together with acupuncture, dietary and life advices. The goal of this program is to protect patient’s health and build-up his (her) constitutional immune arrangement.

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